Meet the Experts in Their Natural Habitat

On course, off-road, or in the middle of a downhill adventure. We've used the equipment we stock on all the shelves. And we can tell you about it. Giving you details you'll never see in the manual. Or in the vacant look of a big box employee who just made the big move from toys to sporting goods. That's the Bushwhacker difference. And you'll learn all about it here.


Prana Collection

Fall Collection from Prana

Prana is a fairly new brand for us—this is only our second fall/winter season with them—but all of us fell in love with the quality and comfort that you'll find in every piece. This fall, you'll find sweaters and jackets that are soft and warm, but not too bulky. And for your lower half, they have everything from yoga pants and running tights, to denim with a little bit of stretch that moves with you. Come in today and check out our latest collection from Prana and find something you'll love!

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Shop Small This Season

If there's one thing we believe, it's that small business make a difference. Yes, they create jobs and pay taxes locally, and that's awesome. It really is. But they're also the type of place where you can build a relationship with the store that you just can't get at large chains, and definitely not online. Small Business Saturday is great, but don't let it stop there. Shop Small every day, every time, whenever possible. There are a ton of great small businesses all over the Peoria area, and we would all really appreciate your business this holiday season.

Get the Low Down On the Best Gear

The problem with a website is that we can't cram everything we want to say into it. We can tell you that everyone one of us loves the Patagonia R1 Pull-Over, and we can tell you that it's soft, comfortable, and moves well with you no matter what you're doing. But that describes most of our gear! We struggled with filling these pages with too much technical jargon, and decided that we could do it better.


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Enter the Bushwhacker Blog. It's real stories, from real people who use our products. We'll be highlighting some of the best gear, with in-depth reviews. Sometimes we'll be highlighting the best places to go for a weekend adventure, or even handing the keys over to our customers to tell their story. So read, learn, and who knows—maybe your next adventure could end up on our pages!


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Oh, One More Thing

The blog is also going to be your best source for upcoming events. We have a lot of fun events throughout the year, like our upcoming Warehouse Sale. When is it? We aren't saying just yet; but the blog is the first place we'll be talking about it. It's a good excuse to learn a few things, find the gear you love, and plan the best time to buy. You really can't beat it!